Because we all carry inside the ability to create, I began to explore my skills trying to do what came out of me.

From a very young age, I explored many artistic techniques with the desire of knowing their potential, in a purely self-taught way, with books, sheets collected from anywhere or with nothing more than product instructions. However, my academic background followed other paths. I studied Biology, got my PhD in marine zoology in 1996 as a specialist in marine sponges. For about 15 years I devoted myself to research, while combining it with other job in a public administration.

In mid-2010, I decided to refocus my priorities. So I started my way in the jewelry and fire enamel world and later in glass work by vitrofusion.

I got my training in various jewelry workshops, especially the Taller925 (Girona) and the Taller Perill (Barcelona). On the other hand, I debuted in vitrofusion in 2015 at the Taller Aleph (Hospitalet del Llobregat) and later with Miriam di Fiore (Mornico-Losana, Italy).


Handmade jewellery, of unique designs, inspired by nature, its simplicity and, at the same time, its complexity. Through them, I want to bring to those who choose or receive them, joy, positivism and, above all, respect and love for our environment.

My pieces (made of sterling silver, copper, bronze, brass, glass and/or fire enamels) do not follow any fashion trend, but stand being timeless and bringing personality to whoever wear them.

Fused glass

The light, transparency, hardness, fragility, and strange fluidity of glass, offer me an impressive range of possibilities to transmit the emotions that landscapes – and their colours of amazing combinations -, animals and plants provoke me.

My small sculptures, vases, pictures and other decorative objects will bring to your home a touch of originality.


If you have a desire or are looking for something special, I accept orders of both jewelery and glass decorative objects.

Just explain me your wishes using the contact page or directly by e-mail to litorena@litorena.cat and I will contact you to tell you if I can work it out, as well as to discuss the details.